Mission: To enable businesses to drive targeted traffic to the website so their product or service is found and converted to sales.

Peter Baldwin


About Peter Baldwin

My passion is to solve the biggest problem everyone has with digital marketing.

Businesses are guessing and hoping their websites and social media works for them. The problem is they don’t understand it. They don’t know how to get traffic to the website… or how it converts to sales. They cannot possibly keep up with the constant fast complex changes, don’t have the time or knowledge… and don’t know where to go to find out or who to trust to do it for them.

They can’t judge whether they have a good website or not… usually basing it on it looking good and don’t solve the clients’ problems or meet Google’s basic requirements. They haven’t understood how critical relevant fresh content has become and almost certainly don’t know how to go about writing content correctly or finding someone who even knows how to do it for them.

Most businesses don’t really know how to reach their customers, don’t know how much to spend initially on marketing or how much to invest ongoing.
Given all this is the target market clearly identified and understood, is the product and service right for the market and will it make money soon and long-term? Is the business model planned and will it work?

My mission is to make digital marketing clearly understood and actionable by business. Without this clarity, you simply will not be able to market successfully.

I have been in business for many years living in Australia, USA and South Africa and have bought and sold stuff across the globe, and working in incredible places continuously from France, Italy, Mexico, almost all countries in Asia naturally including China and India. This has enabled me to pick up leading edge marketing ideas, products, systems and allowed me to work with the most amazing companies and talented people. These people are iconic names in business, sport, authors, beauty queens, as well as some who got world headlines for all the wrong reasons. I can spend hours with riveting stories about all these people… another time.

In all this time, I really only had a single focus. What problems do my customers have, how would I find the product and service to satisfy them, what were the points of difference and how would I market successfully to them.

The last 8 years saw a dramatic change in traditional marketing, from print media and yellow pages to digital marketing in various forms. I simply keep laser sharp focused on all the changes and now pass all this information over to business as well as how to implement.

I guess anyone would like some boring detail on where I’ve been and who I’ve worked with over the years to establish that I have the width and deep practical experience to help almost any business with an immediate understanding of how to help you.

For more than 35 years he I have owned my own small business or managed at all levels from small to multinational businesses, and consulted to business in Australia and internationally.

I have broad consulting and mentoring experience, including deep practical expertise in consumer products, retail, franchising, the pest control industry, sales, marketing, distribution and running businesses. I have a proven track record of creating new businesses and successfully entering into and competing in new markets against long established competitors.

I now have my own marketing and consulting business under my own name… why not?

What You Should Should Do Next ….. 

  • From Senior Management Board at Myer with $1.3 billion yearly budgets; setting up product distribution companies world-wide including France, india, China, Asia and Australia, to running his own business and launching new products in the USA
  • Responsible for $200 million capital budget p/a Australia wide property and department stores development with over 100 specialist staff as Management Board member at Myer Grace Bros, 3 years
  • Successfully started up new business into USA securing iconic brands as clients: Toyota, Los Angeles; Hewlett Packard, Idaho; Gillette, Boston; Capital One Bank throughout USA, and many more …
  • In 2 years single handed launched new unique electronic radar termite detector into sceptical US Market and secured all the industry leaders as customers whilst Director of Sales & Marketing, Termatrac Australia, small business 8 people (will revamp below text similar strategy as above)
  • Peter was on the: Management Board for Truworths, South Africa responsible for 170 strong ladies fashion chain Retail store operation, with over 2000 staff
  • Management Board Member for Myer Grace Bros, Melbourne for 12 years.
  • Responsible for Australia wide Property and Development of the department stores with a capital budget $200 million per annum and over 100 specialist staff.
  • Peter later became fully responsible for the buying and marketing of $700 million per annum worth of merchandise for Myer, (including the fresh food innovation), with over 150 staff. He constantly travelled the world in search of innovation
  • Founder and Director of Epia Business Solutions operating in Australia and USA.
  • Peter has an extensive knowledge of how to find innovative product, and then source and import into Australia and into America which was demonstrated when …
  • He secured iconic brands as clients including, Campbell’s Soup, Gillette Boston, Toyota Los Angeles, Hewlett Packard Idaho, Capital One Bank throughout USA, Federal Reserve Bank and Sodexo America’s largest food service catering company.
  • Director of Sales and Marketing, Termatrac Australia, a small business of 8 people.
  • Peter single handed launched this unique trail blazing electronic radar term ite detector into a difficult, ultra- conservative, sceptical US Market.
  • Within 2 years he secured all the industry leaders in the US as customers.
  • Peter set up product distribution companies worldwide from the US, France, India, China, Asia and Australia. With his deep understanding, how to find them and the difficulties and risks involved in appointing the right distributor …
  • He secured Randolph sunglasses the world’s finest; imported them from USA, and wrote the detailed RAAF specification. These are now the Australian pilot’s sunglass of choice.
  • With the experience gained over 6 years when he was responsible for all licensing programs at Myer, Peter successfully set up his own licensing program with millennium merchandise. He sourced ideas internationally and produced a wide range of product under license with production out of Asia and Australia. He sold a variety of merchandise into small retailers and department stores.

What You Should Should Do Next …..