Business Mentoring

If you want your business to thrive in a world where digital marketing means success, you need to know what you need to do fast to make it happen

It is important for you to have a clear plan and business model in any sized business. The plan must cover your goals, your finances and the complex fast changing digital marketing.

The Seven components every successful business must have:

  1. A clear strategy and business model
  2. A financial forecast of how much money you will make out of your business together with your understanding of what the numbers are saying about your business over time so you take timely action.
  3. Your product or service differentiation giving you a clear point of difference from your competitors. People must know why to buy from you rather than someone else.
  4. Marketing plan geared today towards digital marketing as this has taken the place of all traditional marketing e.g. Yellow Pages.
  5. An absolute understanding of who is your ideal customer. You need to know everything about them especially how they think, know exactly what they are looking for and what their problems are so you can answer and show them how you solve their problem.
  6. Clear marketing strategy which today is digital and must cover a number of different ever changing digital elements.
  7. Your ability to successfully implement your marketing plan to get more customers and sales.

But how do you implement the 7 components every successful business must have when you are busy working in your business?

Working with businesses daily, I get to see the real issues which is stopping most small businesses from reaching their true potential.

I have been in business mentoring, coaching and advising business people all my life. What sets me apart is that I have worked in and with real businesses everyday and continue to do so… helping them with their real-life problems.

I understand what your problems are and how to guide you to fix them.

Fresh new ideas and the challenge of implementation

I have been in your position always working to get new customers, find new products and concepts, implement them and beat the competition… always having to meet cash flow and profit challenges.

For over the 30 years, I have sold to, worked or managed multinational corporations and companies worldwide. (read more About Us??)

Today I work with hundreds of small and medium businesses and get to  know all their challenges. I choose to guide them in the biggest challenge of all now…  how to market successfully in the fast changing complex digital space.

I am also an accredited business mentor with TAFE Queensland who have practical business programs using only  current highly experienced business people who you know you can trust.

I understand the experience and feeling you have of the challenge of being on your own, having to make a financial decision in an isolated space without help or guidance from anyone. Scary!

How much time and money do you have to learn and experiment slowly on your own?

How much time do you have to do all this without the help from a business mentor? Can you be an expert in every area? How can you keep up with all the fast changes literally happening every day… whilst you are head down in your business. How do you know what will work?

How much time and money can you afford to lose while trying to figure out complex stuff on your own while your competition goes ahead of you.

My business and mentoring experience will help you

I am not like most other mentors who have little to no real experience and operate out of a book or from guesswork. My advice is based on broad and deep experience and keep current with all the cutting-edge developments in business and marketing as I continue to work with it every day myself.

How I work with you guiding you through business mentoring

I work with you one on one with small and large businesses. I also work with small groups of 3 to 10 people. I help you to identify what you need and guide you as to how to get it done the right way.  You will learn get customers fast.