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Brisbane and Gold Coast
Website Marketing Workshops
October 2018

Only 3% of Online Digital Website Marketing Actually Works but the Good News is …

At the workshop you will learn what to do to be in the 3%

Peter Baldwin

Learn from one of the top experts in online digital marketing

Peter Baldwin is a business mentor for Queensland TAFE Small Business Solutions. Peter specialises in Digital Marketing and has been helping businesses succeed online since 2012.

Prior to that he was Sourcing, Marketing and Selling products to major blue chip companies in the United States and around the world.

What You Will Learn!

Live Training

Learn how websites have changed dramatically over the past 6 years and why almost all existing and new ones remain stuck in the past.

Why designers and developers and basic websites are wasting your money.

Learn how you must take control your websites and how to do the changes that get it to work.

For those who want someone else to create a website that works, how you find the person who can actually do it and you trust and you know how to manage.

You will also know how much you should invest in the right website so that you actually make money from your business and not lose it and waste it on a website that will never work.

Inspiring Talk

The information you will get will be mind blowing.

You will be amazed at how much focused detailed information you will learn… and it will be the changes that are happening fast right now today.

You will get the latest critical web site information you must know which you will not be doing now or even in the next 3 years and this will inspire and motivate you.

This will make you empowered for the first time as you will know exactly what you have to do and be able to clearly understand why you must change, how you must change and no longer feel overwhelmed and helpless trying unsuccessfully to find out what to do.

This will also enable you manage and control web people who take advantage of you lack of knowledge.

Q&A Session

There will be opportunities to ask questions during the talk.

There will be time after the talk to have am open ended Q&A time where you will all learn so much more.

In addition, if there is a complex area that requires a more detailed answer I will set up a time to get back to you 1:1 so you know how to move forward.

Workshop reviews

"I’ve been so impressed with Peter that I immediately recommended his course to six people I know. And I’d recommend it to anybody contemplating starting a business and or wanting to improve and grow their business…”
Siobhan Pearson
Brentnall Luxury Homes
“We’ve improved our Google rankings and now appear on page one thanks to Peter’s advice.. Since completing the course, everyone we have recommended to attend Peter’s program their business has increased.."
Alan and Glenda Hall
Flowers of Southport
"Even as a Marketing Professional with two tertiary degrees, I found Peter Baldwin's 'Small Business Workshop Series' to be of incredible value. He was very generous with his time and knowledge and shared the most practical small business and digital marketing tips a business owner needs to know to rank in the 3% of profitable and sustainable businesses."
Arpana Bothra
Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Brisbane and Gold Coast Digital Marketing Workshops

Digital Marketing Expert and Queensland TAFE Small Business Solutions business mentor, Peter Baldwin runs workshops in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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