The 5 Urgent Changes You Need To Do In 2017 To Rank High With Google

 Peter Baldwin helps frustrated businesses learn how to fix their web sites and learn how to take control and manage your marketing.  There’s a lot of poor advice, useless website application and people out there you can’t trust.

5 Things To Do Right Now

  • New Security Changes and Warnings 
  • Mobile Optimisation Updates
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Boost
  • Targeted Content Marketing
  • Website Structure

Yes, send me the 5 website changes you need to rank with Google in 2017

Get the 5 new website changes you must implement to rank with Google in 2017

  • The new security changes and warnings that are already affecting websites that are not implementing them from January 2017… how you will lose rankings and later not even show up in search engine results, how Chrome and Firefox are already starting to place ugly warnings on your webpages stopping access ... and WordPress will restrict functionality.
  • The new mobile optimisations coding that Google loves and that loads mobile pages faster. No this is not just mobile responsive implementation but critical new requirements that will improve your mobile rankings if implemented correctly. 
  • How to Boost Your SEO results by using existing and new Google Markup - and only 2% of websites do this… so beat your competition now.
  • How you must have more targeted content and less backlinks as directed by Google last year. While backlinks used to be very important, if not done correctly, a backlinking strategy can do more harm than good.
  • How your websites should be structured now to meet Search Engine's requirements.

Yes .. Online Marketing Is Very Hard If You ....

  • Don't know how to rank high with Search Engines
  • Don't have time to find out
  • Have no time to keep up with fast changes ... and in 2017 they will be huge
  • Don't know how to do it
  • Can't manage it
  • Don't know who to trust
  • See it as a cost instead of an investment into the future of your business

Discover how to fix your website so multiple pages rank high on Google ... Attend Peter Baldwin's QLD Government subsidised digital marketing program

The good news is that Peter Baldwin who is a specialist in Digital Marketing offers a tailored workshop program on how to fix your website… done through TAFE Qld Small Business Solutions and their Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

This workshop is subsidised by the Queensland Government making it very affordable and accessible.

By attending my Qld Governments’ subsidized program you will ...

  • Learn exactly what you need to do to get a website that works,
  • How to drive traffic to that website,
  • How to get it to convert to sales,
  • How to use your social media so that it works together with your website
  • How to maintain a long term digital relationship with prospects and current customers.
  • You will also get an intensive detailed checklist of everything you need to ask web designers to guide you to select the right people who you can trust.
  • This together with your new knowledge means you will be able to manage your marketing and no longer be blindsided by stuff you don’t understand.

This is high-level practical training in all forms of Digital Marketing delivered by accredited Internet marketing expert Peter Baldwin who will mentor you to implement your digital marketing strategies. You probably met Peter or heard him present at the 2016 Brisbane Click Expo.

You will need to be prepared to follow and implement everything you learn. This is designed to get you real world results… more traffic and more sales.

Call me on 0419 363 486 for any queries. I can also register you on this number.

Here is more detail of the hard-practical stuff you will get… Nothing from a book… Its stuff that works!

We will do all of the work in a small workshop in Southbank Brisbane or Southport Gold Coast so you don’t have to go home to do it… where life gets in the way and you forget about it…don’t have time…and nothing gets done. Sound familiar!

We also have 1 on 1 where you get specific advice on areas that you need uniquely covered just for you.

Here’s the brief outline of some of what we’ll do…after I get your approval at the workshop so that we can add in or change any area you want covered.

  • Establish how many additional sales you need to achieve your goals in next 1-- 3 years
  • Get marketing clarity… what to do next… what’s the next best move to get faster results…
  • Why your website doesn’t attract the number of leads you need and how to set up the different sales funnels required to get those leads to your website in the first place (97% of digital marketing doesn’t work – you need to be in the 3% that does)
  • How to fix your website so lookers become buyers. By 2020 85% of buying decisions will be made by reviews from the internet. You must get customers looking for you to buy when they visit… or buy from you later after they have gone home
  • Discover the latest Google changes and requirements such as HTTP-S security, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Schema.
  • You will get a number of additional sales funnels that are very important e.g. citation sites, YouTube and how and why everyone should use them at a very low cost.
  • Why you must use Video in all your marketing. How to upload to YouTube correctly so that it ranks. (Facebook posts will in time be 100% video! Are you prepared?)
  • Which social media you should use and how to set it up so that it translates into sales including remarketing
  • How to write Facebook posts that drive traffic to your website and how to get your posts to be seen by several thousand laser targeted potential buyers who exactly fit your target market
  • How to write headlines and copy so that your point of sale, website and emails converts into enquiries
  • How to confidentially measure your marketing so you know exactly what works so you take action to change and be confident you get a greater $ return than you spend…it becomes an investment not a cost
  • All the questions to ask a web designer/SEO to check you are getting the right person, how to manage them ongoing so that you are in control and ensure you are get the right results and that you are no longer being misled in an area that is very complex and always changing fast
  • Practical detail on how to write relationship building emails … that get opened
  • …. And if you’re too busy head down in the business to learn how to keep up with the new digital marketing which supports your physical operation… how to get it done for you so that buyers find you and buy directly from you and not from your competition

In addition, you will get…

  • A laser targeted ‘Cheat Sheet’ of everything you need to do to get a website that works… And…
  • The ‘right’ questions to ask to ensure you are able to find a developer/designer/SEO/expert that you can trust who knows their stuff. This alone is worth gold and you will not get this from any other source
  • Prepare your business action plan for success over the next 1 to 3 years
  • In less than 2 hours, learn how to easily plan out your cash flow and profit for the next year, even if you’re not good at numbers or forecasting… and dynamically understand the true effect of discounting on your sales and profit.
  • Establish the number of leads you need and how to measure them. We actually produce your real financial forecast – this is not theory fluffy stuff

As I mentioned earlier, this program is heavily subsidised by the Qld Government.

The cost of the program to each person is only $400. The best investment in time and money you will probably ever make in business.
And in addition to the above, eligible people will receive the National Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

To find out more or to register your interest to attend the program

Call me on 0419 363 486 for how to register for “How To Fix Your Website So That Multiple Pages Rank High With Google” and also get the 5 new website changes you must implement to rank with Google in 2017

  • Simply ring me on my mobile: 0419 363 486

  • or email:
    You’ll also be able to access me with queries at any time.
    I look forward to helping you rank high with Google.

Yes, send me the 5 website changes you need to rank with Google in 2017

Peter Baldwin has 35 years deep practical experience running and marketing small and large business in Australia and internationally.  Peter also delivers the Cert IV in Small Business Management through Qld TAFE Small Business Solutions… showing business how to succeed with online marketing.

Copyright 2017. Peter Baldwin
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